How to add limits to time-based prorated upgrades in Software Licensing for Easy Digital Downloads

In version 3.5 of the Software Licensing add-on for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), they added support for time-based proration of license upgrades. This is great! I’ve been wanting this for a while now. I just wanted a little more control over how much the upgrade could be prorated.

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The WordPress Customizer and Checkboxes

While working with checkbox inputs in the Customizer, I discovered an inconsistency with the values that were being returned to my plugin using the get_option  function. Please note that WordPress saves checkbox values in the options table as either “1” or “” for checked and unchecked respectively. Below are some of the scenarios that I encountered. Continue reading “The WordPress Customizer and Checkboxes”

AngularJS Factory for WordPress

I’ve been working on an Ionic Framework app that gets all of its data from WordPress REST API. Everything from custom post types to menus and pages. Right now, I’ve only built in functions for the data that my app needed, but I’ll be adding to it as I build more apps. Hosting it on GitHub, I hope that others can benefit from as well as contribute to it. Enjoy!

FireTree-ngWordPress on GitHub

BTW, here’s the app I built: Discovery Church

Listing WordPress Posts in an Ionic Framework Application

This article assumes that you have some existing knowledge of the Ionic Framework and AngularJS.

With the WP-API getting more and more mature, I thought I’d share how I recently integrated WordPress data into a cross-platform mobile app. Approximately three months ago I picked up the Ionic Framework which uses AngularJS and Cordova to create mobile apps that utilize web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but look like native apps. Continue reading “Listing WordPress Posts in an Ionic Framework Application”

Transient Fallback Class for WordPress

I’ve been doing a lot of work with a 3rd party API over the past year. One of my frustrations has been how long it takes to request information from the API. Some of the requests could take up to 30+ seconds. The user visiting the site would have to wait during that time for the page to finish loading. I then started using Transients to cache the API calls for a specified period of time. This worked great until the transient expired and a visitor had to wait for the API to return the data again or if the site didn’t get much traffic and the transient expired before the next visitor got to benefit from it. Continue reading “Transient Fallback Class for WordPress”

Rewrite Rules

I’ve been reading up on Rewrite Rules for displaying non-WordPress content. For almost the past year, I have slowly been working on a plugin that connects to a third-party API to bring in content. (It’s been an on and off process…mostly off.) Until now, all of the content lived as widgets. Now that I’ve discovered rewrite rules, I can create permalinks that link to and display this content.

This was originally what I wanted to do, but had no idea how to accomplish it. Now that I’ve gotten this figured out, the usefulness of this plugin has exponentially increased. I need to make sure that I don’t get ahead of myself though. I have a lot of debugging to look forward to in order to make everything run smoothly.