Several months ago, I decided that I wanted to get into iOS development. After reading dozens of blog posts and watching countless hours of video tutorials, I feel as though I’m no further than when I started. I think that I need to get into a routine of giving myself time to work on it every day. I’m not going to give up. There are two books that I’ve started reading, Beginning iOS Storyboarding: Using Xcode and iOS 6 Application Development for Dummies. I’m only at the very beginning of each book, but I like them both so far. I was under the impression that because I have a background in Microsoft Windows software development, it would make iOS development a little easier to pick up. Although, I’m finding that it’s actually making it harder because I’m making assumptions about how I think things should work. Having to manually connect interface elements to the code editor is one of those things. Hopefully it will all start making sense soon.