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A few days ago, I threw out an idea on Twitter to create an add-on plugin to the official Pressgram WordPress plugin that would add some layout options.

I’ve never done anything like that with WordPress, so I wasn’t really sure what was possible. My original idea was to hijack the loop and rewrite it, but I couldn’t find anyplace that mentioned if that could even be done.

Finally, I settled on adding some classes to the post loop and creating a stylesheet for a handful of standard layouts. Basically, 2 across, 3 across, 4 across, 5 across, and off. The layouts can be applied separately for large and small screen devices. For example, you can set your posts to display 2 across on large screen devices, but off on small screen devices.


Obviously, the way that some themes style their posts will not work with this method, but I think that it has the best possibility of working across a wide range of themes.

The plugin is now available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Just search for “Pressgram”.

Don’t know what Pressgram is? Check it out!

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