About Me

Web Development

I’ve been a web developer for over 20 years now. One of the first sites that I helped develop was a software download site called RadFiles. Since then, I’ve created a wish list site and a prayer journal site, both of which are no longer active. My day job has also led to the creation of several Intranet sites for various tasks. In 2012, I started developing custom themes and plugins for WordPress. I still have much to learn, but am enjoying the journey.

Most recently, I’ve taken up React and begun to hone my JavaScript skills.

Software Development

I wrote my first piece of publicly available software immediately after Windows XP was released to retail. (Approximately September of 2001) At that point, I was highly into tweaking/customizing Windows and wrote what is to my knowledge the first program that was available to modify and manage Windows XP logon screens. The program was called Logon Loader and had been downloaded over 1 million times. Although I have not maintained Logon Loader for several years, you can still find it on a number of download sites.

The second piece of software that I created was called Net Profiles. As you may have guessed from the name, it allows you to create network profiles that can be loaded on demand. Useful for moving a windows laptop from home/work/school/etc without having to manually change network settings, mapped drive, and default printers. In May of 2009, I released Net Profiles as open source software and ceased active development approximately 2 years later. Luckily, the project has been picked up by some new developers and is currently in active development as Net Profiles mod.

At my day job, I continue to write Windows software. the most recent and robust project being a custom quote management system for creating and archiving quotes for customers. The project integrates with our accounting system for security and authentication as well as product and customer information.