I’m proud to announce that, as of yesterday, CCBPress is officially for sale!

I’ve been working on the project for well over a year. It hasn’t been a full-time project, but it’s certainly been keeping me busy.


“Introducing the easiest way to display information from Church Community Builder on your church WordPress site”

This plugin was created to fill a need that my church had, and we know that a lot of other churches have this same need. There’s no reason that you should have to keep information up-to-date in multiple locations. Once it’s set up, just enter your data in Church Community Builder and you’re done.

For Developers

Everything in CCBPress was designed to be easily modified to fit in with any theme. (Check out Discovery Church as an example.) Filters are used throughout to enable full control of what’s displayed. Feel free to take a look at our documentation.

The Future

We’re just getting started here. There are so many possibilities and we look forward to integrating more Church Community Builder services into WordPress.