Back in July, I wrote a post called Getting Started with iOS Development. At the time, I had an idea for an app or two and really wanted to create them. Then in August I wrote about Simplifying both tangible and intangible things. That simplification has now evolved into focusing. Focusing my talents and abilities on things that I’m already good at, but have certainly not mastered. I’ve decided that iOS development is not what I should be focusing on. I’m instead focusing on WordPress development.

I’ve been part of a two-man team doing WordPress theme and plugin development for about two years now as a side job. We haven’t really released anything publicly yet since the work we’ve done so far has been specific to the clients that we’ve been working with. I’d like that to change though. I have a premium plugin that I started working on nearly a year ago that I’d really like to finish. It’s a niche product, but currently has no competition in the WordPress space. I’m really excited about it and hope to be able to release more information about it by the end of the year.