I was reading an article on WP Daily called Build Your HTML Prototype First, Then Move To WordPress, which got me thinking about my own development process. I’ve never been very proficient in graphics design, so starting a project there is never an option that I take.

Over the years, HTML and CSS have practically become second nature to me. With almost anything that I want to create, I’m able to first visualize the code in my head and what the code will produce. It was the same way in grade school with math problems. I had the hardest time showing my work because I did the whole thing in my head. Here are a few reasons why I prefer HTML prototyping:

  1. It’s lightweight – I mean seriously, it’s just a text editor and a web browser.
  2. It’s fast – Well, at least for me anyway.
  3. It’s real – This is a pretty big one. When you prototype in HTML, you have a real product in front of you. You’re able to touch, click, drag, scroll, and resize a real thing. That’s huge! You immediately know your limitations, either with your abilities or with HTML and CSS itself.
  4. You’re half-way there – When a design is chosen, you’ve already done half the work. The design/layout is set. Now you just need to plug in the code to make it work with your favorite content management system.

I know that HTML prototyping isn’t for everyone, so how do you prototype? What’s your design process?